Holly Hills Little League ~ Challenger Division


  • Respect your teammates, coaches, opponent, and fans.
  • Players will wear appropriate uniforms at games – cap, jersey, pants/shorts, stirrup socks, & athletic shoes.
  • Good sportsman-like behavior only – no profanity or rudeness tolerated.
  • All players will remain on the bench during the game and practices. Parents and fans will be seated separately.
  • Coaches reserve the right to discipline when necessary. If behavior is inappropriate, the player may be requested to leave the field.


  • Respect your players, opponents and fans. Maintain a positive attitude at all times.
  • Managers will maintain scheduling, selection of coaching staff, and field leadership.
  • Coaches will wear appropriate dress at games – coaches’ cap and shirt.
  • Coaches will display good sportsmanship at all times – no profanity or rudeness.
  • All games and practices will take place unless manager re-schedules.
  • Equipment will be maintained by coaching staff.


  • Respect and support your players and coaches.
  • Display proper behavior at all times. No profanity or rude behavior will be tolerated.
  • Discipline will be maintained primarily by the coaches. If parental intervention is necessary it will be with the advice and direction of the coaches.
  • Parents are responsible for notifying the coaches if their player cannot make it to a game or practice.